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Parts Used

Bubble Blowing Machine Parts

Following is a quick step-by-step guide on how to create the bubble blowing machine.

The styrofoam base was prepared ahead of time with duct tape around it and also double-sided tape in the exact areas where the fan and motor need to go. The fan was also prepared ahead of time attached to a small styrofoam stand.

Step 1 – Peel off top of short double-sided tape

Step 2 – Stick fan onto tape pushing down to secure it

Don’t worry this fan is safe ;). It has very low torque, the blades are not sharp and are bendable. Placing your hand on the blades while it is on stops the fan and doesn’t hurt at all. I tested this on my hands. See for a demo 🙂

Step 3 – Stick putty to small wheel

Step 4 – Place 3D printed bubble wheel onto wooden axle on opposite side of red tape.

You can download our obj file for this 3D printed wheel design from here if you would like to print one for your own machine.

Step 5 – Attach small wheel with putty onto axle tip that is sticking out of the wheel.

Rather than using putty and a small wheel you can also hot glue the bubble wheel to the axle. Using a hot glue gun though for 24 K-1 students isn’t ideal.

Step 6 – Insert back of axle with red tip into blue motor. The red duct tape makes that part of the axle thicker allowing it to hold into the motor properly.

Step 7 – Peel off top of the remaining double-sided tape

Step 8 – Stick motor on top of tape pushing down to secure it

See it in action below!