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For the Solar Water Bot prototype we wanted to keep things simple for the rain capture tub. We ended up finding a small tupperware tub from Osh Hardware that already had a top flap with hinges on the back that easily opened and closed.

We inserted a screw in the front of it and attached a string from the screw loop up to the top of the wooden pole where the motor is.

rain capture water tub

We then drilled a small hole into the side of the tub towards the top and placed the water line through this hole down to the bottom of the tub where the water is.

rain capture tub

The water line from the tub is connected to one side of the pump and another water line comes out of the other side of the pump into the plants. This allows for the water to be pulled from the tub into the plants when the pump turns on.

For those reading this who want to make their own Christmas Tree Circuit, following is where you can get the supplies