Learn How To Build Robots!

Learn how to build & program sensor powered robots with the Arduino microcontroller board. Engineer the body design of your robots and connect different sensors so they can be programmed to detect motion, distance, light and move/react a certain way based on the input/output of the sensors.

We will create line following bots to more advanced sumo bots & battle bots that you can compete with.

Take a peek at some of what you will learn…

Arduino Board


The Arduino will be the brains of our robots. Learn how to hook up motors, sensors and other parts to it as well as how to program the Arduino to communicate with your sensors and motors.

Line Following Bot

infrared sensor bot

Learn how to create and program a line following bot using infrared sensors to automatically follow the line path. You will code your line following bot using the C++ programming language.

Obstacle Avoidance Bot

ultrasonic sensor

Create an object avoidance bot using ultrasonic sensors. Program your bot to detect objects in its path and automatically navigate to avoid those objects. We will create challenging obstacle courses to test your bots.

Sumo Bot

sumo robot

Your Sumo Bot will leverage multiple sensors, motors and other parts. You will be given a set of rules and will need to come up with a design that gives your bot the best chance to win.

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Arduino Sketches

Following is the code for the Osoyoo Arduino bots we are creating in the clubs. Click these links and then add this code to your own Sketchbook. is a division of Go Smart Solutions, LLC. Copyright ©2015 - 2018 Go Smart Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved